but howzat for cricket the titanics afloat
feet on a table a t.v remote
as socks to the chocks of the twiddle me dee
sometimes call round to the one two of three
the "rain in spain" the "plain of jane" is he a man . . . is he a house
tracey said she,d been to bed so in the basement of the house
cause pat or the patter all served on a platter
a face that launched a thousand quips
helen of troy and it,s not just a ploy . . . but then a greasy cone of chips
but minnies moaning but then whos been groaning you,ll like it maybe not a lot
but has he really got a widget . . . widget really has he got
a cucumber slumber a bridge on the humber . . .  rugger was it worth a try
it,s just a phrase could be a phrase . . . phraseology i,ll tell you why
and "she referred to me as chicky" so endearing tally ho
the so so hums the best of chums "hi chicky" it,s the "balleen show"
but minger prints a sentry squints halt who goes there friend or foe
he lives next door you can,t be sure but was he really in the show
a wicked sleeve a card a sleeve like a rabbit in a hat
a cup suppa it,s all maybe
but in the end they called her ..."pat"