but i know how you,e been so fermented  . . . cider drinker ooh ar ooh ar aye
cause it,s fullboard we fly concorde the mull of king skull it,s a part in a a play
till a maidens head it,s a buffet spread another fine mess and he wasn,t so keen
an "angel delight" when it,s one in the night who really bought that magazine
cause let the laughter happy after the history of fairport to mention
an envelope you can only elope a meeting or maybe convention
the interesting nesting a robin red cresting as overhead the seagull cries
the "14th of june" as we ask who wrote dune  it,s cilla again it,s surprise
because it,s "concerning" a heart is it yearning  a faltering look a caress
it,s too much to drink when it came to a sink the "breakage"  was "carelessness" ?
because like a rider a maybe decider the four girls they came round to me
all arm in arm till a came to a charm  a local so vocal  at sea
but maybe a chance like a knight with a lance so folksy a "bonny black" jig
it,s all inclusive or hippy exclusive sainsbury,s chill out to a  wig
cause salvador darling but make mine a carling  dated 02. 26
print out no doubt and a lager to lout the rhyming cacofonix
roll over "fixover" but is it "decover"  at "source" a "mismatch"  there were none
fable the table but is he so able  the land of the so hum hum chum
but "judy" or "toyah" at sea a destroyer  me hearties away there unkind
because we all live and just  wouldn,t you give
 the noughts out of thoughts three mice blind but then theres the fibbing
the land unforgiving in time you get the gist
for "details" ring hayling but is it just whaling  another off your list
  the paper it,s  one plied ... a record it,s b side .... a garage it,s "wet t,shirt nite"
but who,s the wiser "scrutinizer memories  in flight
cause a dark side schism .... plagarism ... money  get away
the toss of the feathers the  matching of leathers  the mice come out to play
cause "hinkley cool" there,s just no stool, though some talk of rivers of crud
a corridor you can,t be sure it,s urine or is it just mud
and "mr bean" well it,s been seen  accient oh no
  like chernobyl,s now gone  global " mincerbottom show"
and "mutant ninja kiddie winkles" weasels of mince intention
am i really such an ogre the dragons in dungeons don,t mention
cause "iv,e got a brand new ombine harvester"  but has the landlord got a key
a venus beauty competition.... it,s all poison invy to me
cause who,s the "crooky" who,s in "brooky"  who,s the clown on hampstead heath
"mr lacey" just ask "tracey" the basements so beneath
cause only the crumbliest flakiest chocolate ... ricky,s on the take
it,s so funny easter bunny a mr kipliing  cake
cause measle the easel the feasibly weasel servant in the know
a claim in for bedding a ding a ling wedding kiss me kate,s  all on show
 volcano it,s venting fermenting frequenting foresters  a bar
  friend of a friend but a friend is a trend so near yet vroom vroom car
because who been drawing whilst someone,s been scoring
porky or pieing of lately
a fly set to fly and it,s bullseye he,ll cry .... but was it one hundred and eighty
cause the great unwashed a buckle swashed  sirloin some say ham
as some ask why climb everest .... because some say "i can"
cause love is like a butterfly starring jeffrey dahlmer
  but then "and not from far away,  . . . came the hyena laughter"