twinkle twinkle vroom vroom cars
we wonder home half drunk from bars
until we come across a site no pass the duchy dread
instead of "skins" from which we flee a land that,s come to head
but as we wander slowly past like old steam ships at night
a friend confess a time of stress in truth a time of fright
but quick retort a fear of nought like a hand that.s drumming
lat,s tell "oi boys" scared of you ? you,ve got a laughing gnome coming
but would the "oi boys" turn arond and clutch their sides and laugh
or just stare as lager friend just beat me up on their behalf
but in no way all half mad all swivel eyed as looney
(but is it time that man united finally ditch wayne rooney)
but muttered threats a time to bets but insane in the brain
a life of riley no friend smiley
streets without a name

but twinkle twinkle vroom vroom vars
a gnome on a roam when it,s doors half a jars

cause stickey me chicky it,s leg before wicky
  but it,s all hi hi mickey an evening in bars
cause friend is a spend when it comes to the end

  a cugarette bet when it comes to a vend
  and missy she,s kissy it all comes to hat
it,s all double diamond but is it a beer mat
but i,ve got a brand new combine harvester
 a wet t,shirt night it was there all to see
  she was all full baord one eighty so scored
 it,s live or it,s drive if you can,t find the key
  till it,s snookys the game and it,s steve is the name
"i hate it" you played it the problem it,s  yours
  a friend is a spend when it comes to the ends
 all,s fair in hair when it,s socks and it,s draw