it,s  panto time a snow white chime
(a rinky dinky doo)
a "humping . . . hero" centre stage
  a "fairy. . .  toungey" in view
an audience in baited breath
   hands sticky . . . . pop,s and fizz
call out . . . . "he,s behind you"
and . . . in many way,s . . . he is . . .

dave,ll do it  the turkey he blew it
come in here dear boy and have a cigar
and it,s all boots cahoots
to her cynthia snoots

"i was born under a wandering star"
cause it,s all hogmany
but i,m not free today

about as much dense as a hideous honey
but as the clock strikes
is thie debbie does dykes

tell em all about the toungey toungey

two,s company but three,s a chair
the tv,s on but four,s a stare
a graveman for caveman a devil come slaveman
it,s not time to scream and shout
it,s sll des res . . . .  . . .  it,s right say,s lez
it,s said th devil minces out
but then did puff the magic dragon
really live so by the sea
as life goes on it,s . . . . somehow wrong
till . . .  tick tick tocks . . . . .
it,s half past three  ???