but a horse and a carriage
 an unhappy marriage
the bed it doth creak in the nigh
i walketh the stair and tis francis is there  all there in the glow of the light
and a laugh and a joke theres a wiff there of smoke
(the woman she weareth a wig)
a chocolate bon bon but theres nought to hold on it cometh the end of the gig
but then not so wiggy comes porketh the piggy he knows what we all think of him
its a car to the score and an old corridor a ghoull or a fool in the din
and slowly it flies as the father thames lies lets talk of the thespian such factors
cause jacky you see well he means such to me  our finest shakesperian actors
and in truth you havn,t been so careful you  havn,t been so clever

and so it,s time come play with us for ever and ever and ever
a but worry ye not cause some like it so hot  and it will be just so heaven
  it,s time to get arty and it,s all party party right there in two three seven)
but sweet dreams in reams and reams
thats how it seems a tale and the colour is  blue

a curtain comes up and a coke there to sup
 it,s coming soon and it,s  near you

but rammed or dammed are we the hammed ?
a pawn a lawn a bunny rammed
a lamp a grape a missing tape
 but is it just a mystery  why

on t.v. it,s . .  "the mince escape"  "a mince on the river kwai" ?
  tick tock tock   . . . "dial . . mince for  murder"
  twilight zone . . . a "coke" a "burger"
cause it,s "ad hoc" "nyeh whats up doc"
in the dark of london town
 time it lies the bunny lies
  a knock knock knock it,s coming down  ??

can you hear the chime of chime,s
in these dark uncertain times
was that a footstep on the stair
 or the tread of "wicked rhymes"

cause was it reallly . . . such a blast 
is that the ghosty  . . .  x,max past

and do you feel like . . . mice near cheese
 who do you trust in  . . . times like these

and do you sit with telly down
and then hear him "mr clown"

has he been lost and now been found
  cause in the end who,s gone to ground