now is the winter of our . ..  mince content
made glorious summer by piggy pork
but all,s not well that doesn,t end well a randy andy duke of york
but happy day,s in many way,s he can be so evaive
until it comes to sound to ground in some way,s so persausive
but out damn spot she,s hot to trot lager lager pint to sup
greasy mittums for "big um tittums" . . .
. . . but measure for measure things don,t measure up

but after all,s been said and done i ought to know her best
alas poor piggy (pies to swell) a woman of infinite jest
but we few we happy few we wander down the road
a dinky racket lets all packet a frog a festing toad
a burger king a time to sing a jester there of course
"one man and hi wig his wig"
 and my kingdom for a horse

and the "bitchfinder" rides as the turkey he hides
clattering hooves into town
the call of the yeller the vegetable seller the ducky the fool and the clown
"the forces of darkness" the heralds of harkness . . .   ding dong so on high
 a big fat cat . . . they called her pat . . . as hard as she might fly
as talk of the smitten the "unwashed" "flea bitten" . . .
. . . but who,s that on the phone

we hear the tale of "stoneycross" macbeths still on the throne ??
cause "a ring of old stones" as the old crone she crones . . .
. . .  medieval ye mucky ye mag

an old "pagan orgy" who,s georgy who,s porgy  and whos just the hideous hag
but the girls all as so swoom
when it,s all  "coming soon"  bbc one is it two

a laughing gnome has found a home at a "cinema near you"

but in a time  it,s ape to jape
it,s "porky pig and audiotape"
a  distant land . . . . a car horn blares
"the lights do they work on the stairs"
as on tonight day a t.v times
as in the dark a dark clock chimes
( but a fairy . . . in the lairy ...
a mincing monster hair to nape
a mutant beagle . . . mr smeagal ..
hobbitsies the end of tape)
but jackanory it,s a story ...
mutant chicky   . .  sat in chairs
a "glass of water" . . . "lambs to slaughter"
"the lights do they work on the stairs"