but caroline courtney it,s engagement
a flower a gnome a home arrangement
take a chance to queen romancea wench a barmaid good sir please
a wager of love and a heart like a doveflapping gently in the breeze
but the "z yawn of snooker" . . .  star wars it,s trooperoutgoing but maybe he,s not
and pray sir tell "how many bytes . . . . has your computer got"
and we all know we,ve seen the show in actual actuality
it,s a crack it,s in the sack the eros of reality
as in the end well it,s a trend . . .  as in the breeze the curtains part
whos the duchess in disquise
who,s the gaurdian of the heart

hey diddle diddle it,s dave on the fiddle
the man who always tells the truth
because the first man on the moon  he was of course babe ruth
cause old dangermouse he,s hid in the house .. of course we all applaud
some say   if,s and  there,s  no but,s . .  till ... carol   ... error ....  fraud
but passant the paycheck a sailor a shipwreck as we all stare out to sea
(as passing all day it,s an office display  another yet pert secretary)
as flag it unfurls for the boy,s and the girls  don,t stop . .  stop the dance
dreams of a wedding a claim in for bedding . .  it could be worth a chance
till old battle cries and the flag how it flys  above the old dreadnought
as whitbread whitbread it,s been long said a pint but it,s a quart
till pluto a go  ... the pinochio show ...   the meter it,s broken of course
as anne of green fables a turn of the tables"my mingdom for a horse"
cause sleeping bag,s lie it,s an eye for an eye a fairy for a tooth
  and the first man on the moon
he was of course babe ruth

a ring a ding ding a ding a ding ding
the question q are you ?

a dingy as hall and a barking as ball
a landlord all halfboard but are you all true
but is "mutch" all bow wow all there in the hallway
the one or the one with the waggily tail
campster to hampster in no way a prankster
cry "woof" or "woof" it,s a caniney smell
but get in the queue for the girl who,s all phew here to met her ex cupid
and times of the rhymes it,s the chicky of times
how could i have been quite so  qu . . . pid ?
but truth it be told if i dare be so bold when it,s an I Q of test
he,s all chrissy come on but no tina turn on
he,s no way simply the best

and in no way pretty a witty me ditty get a dog hog on a phone
walk on walk on it,s an all goner song
and you,ll never mince alone

but the shark well he sank in that old fetid tank
unto the bottom of the lake
and the carp learned to swim well the future looked grimthe director called cut but a second take
  he,ll fathom it out for the cod it,s a shout who said he,s not so clever
the clock it chimed like the haddock mimed why are they  together
like the rinky dink doo of the beach balleen two ... some talk of lager lager drink
like a slippery eel would the hair it congeal it,s such a small  hall. . . .  it makes you think
but are they just "chums" does the  ducky eat  crumbs ....p p p pick up a penquin  pat
a shark without grinning a carp without swimmingbut he hadn,t meant it quite like that
but the fishiest show and we,re all in the know ... the squid flipped the lid and the mannequin fled
  the greasy chips of a thousand quips and it,s sachet sauce but it,s a spread
but on this old boat would  the "scapegoat" yet float and did he make my moby whine
it,s all misery did the ginger one flee  who made that mothers vacant sign
cause the radio times as the clockwork it chimes  the postman must have called round late
and a half time it,s rhyme till the end of all time  a fishy finger on a plate
and in some ways amused .... the titanic it cruised ...  the flibble fish they live in fear
it,s long been  gone like a salmo in song
  but  we,re only here for the beer ???