"mini nicky" "politicky"
makes a big speech in the union hall
"mini nicky" "politicky"
with "bonking barlow"  she had a big ball ??
but then would the "mini"  of pert "politicky"
maybe she,s heard of it hall
a play for today could be yet on the way
 if passing then
please then do call  ??

a ghastly sight on election night  pretend your all asleep
and save the last dance all for him  around your room he,ll creep
cause it,s no "whey hey hey" when it,s  vote maggie may
  no sure thing no ding a ling  bet
and the sinking of boats leads to very few votes but don,t be cruel to your pets
  cause fido fornico,s all yah yah don,t you know  when your down in the dregs
and when it,s one o,clock one o,clock
ticky tock tock then  . . vote floralegs