but the ladies of the night for  company they,re not so keen
will it be alright on the night  perhaps perhaps my josephine
as she talks of local trannies local ne,r do,s men in drag
a fox de soxy goldiloxy foxy feline "annie bag"
but let,s not get the flibble flobble lets not flowerpot the men
there are no loonies on the grass who cares who dares nought out of ten
but if someone spilled the "beanz meanz" would you really have the gall
if it came to humpty dumpty sitting all there on a wall
simple simon (chase me chase me) "of a man" he,s squeaky clean
latest hairdo cost a tenner (a forest wood it,s all gangrene)
down a dark road slinking toad goad down the left or down the right
 jolly sailor not a failure if you them tell not tonight
"lager lager" back through back roads hedging hedges street no name
until it comes "blue the colour" football,s somehow not his game
  but in the mind of chicky chickflap not a man to fret to fuss
  he,s round the plant captain dammit venus mars or uranus
and fights hordes of "big um tit ums" (this is chris the cretin land)
with copies playboy mayfair knave or whatever comes to hand
  until it all goes alien alien was it really just a jest
but maybe when it,s to long excursions maybe mother does know best
  as i grope (soap on a rope) in the dark a shower fright
but only if it all goes tango ( mothers not herself tonight )

but koyanasqaatsi a swastika nazi a pink blamange of lemon curds
of actions speak louder is custard a powder  but then i once watched hitchcocks birds
  but tweety of flapping of greasy chip clapping  .. .  a hedge a humpty dumpty wall. . .
it pays to drink or so some think said cinderella at the ball
beacause the riddler whos the fiddler "wheres your father referee"
in the dark who,s in park whos in "jurassic pansy 3"
but the mincing camp town rats the purr of the house cats  the on the shelf of mr bean
it,s hong kong fuey ratatouille ... tomato courgette aubergine
cause some say beggars can,t be losers ... and in the way it,s been a chill
and menthol cigarettes it,s said somehow leave us feeling ill
but then  "jack the dripper" a quayside so slipper  the cats they purr meow now now
the greasy quips the hippy trips and it,s cest la vie for the chairman chow
cause the glug glug of gloating the so so of floating girly shirley did she flee
in the night of dark twilight and who,s the "toiler on the sea"
but the mince of the black death the curse of the hogbreath  the rat he was norvegicus
hanging around with is ear to the ground a car a no 7 bus
but paths we tread like a flora spread a rocket flys a flight to mars
the neon of lighting of invite inviting of twinkle twinkle little bars
but lager it,s saga but then by the harbour the victory without a crew
some say blue is all the colour but was the colour really blue
cause gin and moronic ... bubonic pultonic  the longtail fail that,s so been seen
the rats night of terror some say it,s an error the fraud applaud of mr sheen
but is that a docket that,s found in the pocket  a path so to block it the sock it to zique zeeks
and the fancy bumping into you here of it,s    rattus reflexious minci bot cheek cheeks"
but who,s the joker who,s the poker ... the ce,st plane pou of the porky poi
the riddles of tiddles of benefit fiddles  the not so sure of the il fait froid
and who do you think that you,re kidding mr fiddler ,  it,s said the fool began to plea
who,s in the bog who,s in the fog ...the mist it rolled in from the sea
cause some say nice n fleasy does it ... nice and fleasy it,s a rhyme
it,s all tick tock it,s ten o,clock
 but really is that all the time

but "captain fantastic" a krispies toy plastic
he drives a vroom vroom car
it,s inferno dante,s he wears crotchless panties and a peephole bra
a finchleyfrill,s fairy of slippery stairy .... lucy roll,s lol,s  in her sty
  it,s je ne c,est quo at the hum chums boudoir .... it,s sty noon at maintainance high
and caught in the web fear the treab of the leb .... it was there but then  it was gone
a buttered bread dream and it,s really a scream at "only fanny,s dot com"
but the man with no socks how he limerick rocks .... the small wood the hideous and gluggly
but get the outakes from the all cornflakes bakes
and the new plastic toy "sergeant smuggly

top off a morning to you all
 we,re not just talking chicky

a lepracorn a jazz to porn fish fingers get so stickey
and spittle me little oh pattios so brittle
pirates of pansy go whinge to the whine
he,s of a man with his blackbird a plan his business it,s drag in a can
a gent boy a rent boy a no way all spent boy  ( i mean that mose sincerely )
and please take care and at "biggums" don,t stare ( oh so very nearly )
as we all turn to the flibble a flobble
( all swimming around in a tank )
would simples a simon all mars all to cars
or just all go yank to a plank