lbut london town it,s just a riot
pattacake pattacake on a diet
olly so fool and so small tool if he was she kept that quiet
  but reverie to you or me mothers coming from behind
  all des res to and right said lez  and readers  wives we,ll bear in mind
  but where and how it,s here and know some say smeagols just a sneak
she,s there to see she,s on page 3 maybe baby take a peek
 it,s all displayed the coffee,s paid  behind a hedge there in the shadows
some say glamour that we clamour when your stood there on the  gallows
but girly shirley,s getting dressed dresed then undressed all the time
lycra shorts and it,s hair of sorts but he,s lived on the seigfried lines
and old mother hubbard,s come out the cupboard but would i tell you a lie
and is that a chicky that i see before me  or trippo the hippo up there in the sky
home alone (no dog to phone) and at the end of his line line line
a friend in need is a friend in need
it,s time to dial up whine whine whine ??

out for the night by the neon the lightit,s all lager lager to cheer
a village to go it,s the cinema show a girl but it,s "here,s to you"  here
but all hail the nick and the zique the sputnikwerewolves a feeling of dread
but harp it stay,s sharp and it,s fishy to carpin notting hill jll it,s all head
a gnoming a roaming  a pigeon homingfly away fly  tweety bird
an ugly as rumour (she,s no sense of humour)but  that,s  just the story i heard
but the hippy wears flares when it,s nonsical chairsa tissue we all fall down
 alas "uncle fester" it,s but is he the  "jester"it,s all  "ten green botty,s"  the clown
and so to the vibes and it,s "S. .K. .I..N..U...P" to jibes
in truth  we could yet join moonies it,s all bitches brew but we know it,s all true
  the x factor out of tune loonies but he stayed with an aunt till he potted the plant
some chips that have yet to be seenbut all this discourse all means nothing of course
  when sober as a newt in a green

oranges fruitcake only the lonely
  lonely to sloaney to roamy i am
as up in the west where it,s trending to jest (i,ve lived in the land of the sham)
and sat in a car under lights it,s a star out in the dark of the night
as we autobahn car and we seem to go far and drift all the neons alight
but the cat,s all away do the mice call to play saggy to baggy but jive
(set your controlds to the hear of the sun with interpiggy overdrive)
but wings of a dove in a tunnel of love the drifting of neon we ride
is girly shirley a "woman in love"  always the bridesmaid but never the bride
but calculator alligator smiley crocodile
crafty tennant raise a pennant see you in a while
a sloane on a phone (but i,m here all alone) and at the end of the day
it was all because of the claws to the paws
and because the lady loves milk tray

but  the basement of the house
tom and jerry cat and mouse
a piece of marijuana cheese
a skimpy towel of sorts you please
 but as the thunder lightening flashes
  would she flutter eye eyelashes
"walk on by" it,s worth a try
hey little lady lean down low
who,s "selling england by the pound"
  whos in the cinema show ??