but jack or jill went down the hill
of jack alone it,s lager late
don,t bring shirley she,s so girly on tonight the graduate
joke in stoke but who,s that bloke
 dave from cave ? a churchill nod
  the weird of nick the sure thing slick\
  lets join the hashtag awkward quad

 like a dance a cloven prance . . excalibabe it was a dream
time it flies or sometimes lies . . . mans world it,s a magazine
 indecision inquisition . . . the wheel it turns it turns the wrack
basket weaver pass the cleaver . . . next track is the next track , track..
but parting ships like greasy quips or greasy chip,s upon a plate
in the dark . .  . the barking bark . . . cat meows it,s tiddle,s fate
a doorbell ring a dark road thing,s
the light it shows through bathrom blind,s
but it,s alright upon the night
the mother of suspicious minds

out for the night by the neon the light
it,s all lager lager to cheer

a village to go it,s the cinema show
a girl but it,s "here,s to you"  here
but all hail the nick and the zique the sputnik
werewolves a feeling of dread
but harp it stay,s sharp and it,s fishy to carp
in notting hill jll it,s all head
a gnoming a roaming  a pigeon homing
fly away fly  tweety bird
an ugly as rumour (she,s no sense of humour)
but  that,s  just the story i heard
but the hippy wears flares when it,s nonsical chairs
  a tissue we all fall down
 alas "uncle fester" it,s but is he the  "jester"
it,s all  "ten green botty,s"  the clown
and so to the vibes and it,s "S. .K. .I..N..U...P" to jibes
in truth  we could yet join moonies
it,s all bitches brew but we know it,s all true
  the x factor out of tune loonies

but he stayed with an aunt till he potted the plant
some chips that have yet to be seen
but all this discourse all means nothing of course
  when sober as a newt in a green